Other Low Temperature Dryer - Box Type

Box type dryer is integrated with drying trolley and tray. It comes with small footprint and can be easily installed, freely relocated as a whole. Its versatile drying mode, combining multistage drying temperature with different air circulation, let it be adaptive to various materials. Furthermore, advanced drying process following curve coded by PLC make it smart, energy saving, and drying quality superior.

Layout of drying zone:

Box type  


Auxiliary equipment:

Trolley /Tray for drying support

Applications:  Aquatic products, sea cucumbers, seafood valuables, Chinese herbal medicines, meat products, chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, candied fruit, preserved fruit, alfalfa, seeds, etc.

An ideal and quick alternative to traditional dryers that use coal, oil or natural gas as fuel, or electricity as heating, or primitive drying methods like sunlight/wind drying in open air, which is unsanitary and weather-affected.

It is especially suitable for drying high-valued materials which demand strict quality and hygienic conditions.


Operation Mode: Batch drying 

Capacity (water removal): 12-100kg/hour

Drying temperature: 15-40-50-70 (three stage available)

Energy efficiency: 1-2kg H2O/kWh




There are 2 basic models of box-type dryers and a variety of derivative models.





Module Number N

1, 2


Wet Stuff placement area (m2)

16 x N

22 x N

Wet stuff weight (kg)

150 x N

500 x N

Drying temperature (°C)

cold/hot air 15~65℃
hot air ~65℃

Drying air flow

parallel flow

cross flow

Dehumification (60°C,45%R.H)

9 x N

18 x N

Water removal  (60°C,45%R.H)

11 x N

22 x N



Compressor Input power (kW)

3.7 x N

7.4 x N

Power specs

(220V optional for PBO1.5 N=1)

Drying control mode

fixed parameters / curved process


dehumidification, moisture exhausting, heating, air cooling, air exhausting cooling

Control System

Touch screen+PLC

Auxiliary electrical heater power(kW) (optional)


Outline Dim(Width, mm)



Outline Dim(Depth, mm)

120 + 800 x N


Outline Dim(Height, mm)


Tray size ( mm x mm x mm)

810 x 595 x 75 

Tray Quantity

34 x N

54 x N